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Even during storms, Hamden deli has opened every day for 19 years

There are three guarantees in life: taxes, the postman will deliver mail and Hamden’s Ray & Mike’s Dairy & Deli will be open every day. “Why wouldn’t I be,” said Raymond George, the owner, whose popular convenience store and sandwich and sub shop opened in December of 1997. Seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., even during a blizzard. “We had a regular morning until about 8:30 thi...

New Haven Living: Players: Now, That’s A Sandwich!

Part convenience store, mostly sandwich shop, Ray George opened his deli in 1997, when nearby Quinnipiac College was at the dawn of its rapid expansion. He's been open every day since. "I'm beyond a workaholic," says the jovial George, who notes that his parents owned a deli in Milford that was also open 365 days a year. His regulars are so loyal and consistent that, "When I see them pull up in th...

Fox 61 Foodie Friday: Ray & Mike’s Deli

If there is a key to the perfect sandwich, Ray George has it, as he unlocks pure goodness at his Hamden staple, Ray and Mike's Deli. From the award-winning steak and cheese grinders to "The Irresistible," which adds buffalo chicken to his signature steak and cheese. These imaginative hoagies are packed with flavor and have been filling bellies since 1997.